Monday, February 7, 2011

Almost that time...

I'm new to the whole blogging thing, but figured I'd give it a try. I thought it might be a good idea to do while Chris is deployed, to give him an idea of what goes on at home while he is gone. So here it goes..

We're in the final week of Chris being home, and I know it's going to fly by so I've been soaking up every moment I can with him. I know it's only 6 months, but being without him every single day is so hard. We've done this before, so I know I'm strong enough to handle it. I keep trying to forget he's leaving, but seeing his bags on the floor is just a constant reminder that I'm going to be alone pretty soon... I've got an awesome family and some really supportive friends to help me get through this.

I still have tons of packing to do and things to get done that will keep me busy when Chris leaves. I have to re-paint the walls white again, and make it completely spotless. We don't have that much to pack up, so I've been slacking on putting things away. I've been taking things off the walls, but seeing how empty it looks just makes me even more sad. The final inspection for the house is February 28th, so after that's done and over with, I'm heading to Spring Hill to pick up my sister in law, Lindsey, and we're driving to Oklahoma. I'll be staying with her and my brother for a little bit, then heading to Michigan to stay with the family I have up there... I'm so thankful to have such an awesome support system. I know they will help me get through this.

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  1. Oooh I'm glad you're blogging now too! :) Thanks for finding my blog. It's sad you'll be leaving us for 6 months, but I'm sure it will fly by.

    I remember the days leading up to Eric leaving. It's so stressful. Sometimes it's hard not to argue more because you're mad on the inside that he's leaving, and it just plain sucks and is so stressful anyway. Yet you want to send him off with support and love. You can do it girl!

    It was raining the morning (4AM) that I dropped Eric off at the squadron, and I cried so much on the way home. It was sooo miserable. And THEN - I slept for like 3 hours, and Eric called me and said he needed me to drive to the Orlando airport and bring him another pair of BOOTS. LOL. They wouldn't let him leave with out them. It was so annoying, and like I had to say goodbye all over again! Ugh. I do not miss that. I'm dreading the day he joins the active reserves again (in a October), because I know he'll be deployed soon after.

    Can't wait to hang out before you leave. :)