Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hello Oklahoma

Well, I made it to Oklahoma :) The drive was pretty crappy, we stopped a bunch of times and we slept for a few hours, but we made it safe and sound after almost 24 hours. The dogs did really good, they slept almost the whole time. Brady had to be sitting in someones lap at all times. It got pretty annoying, but I'd rather have that than him whining and barking.

When we made it to the base, we came in and took showers, and took a little nap. Then Lindsey took me to this really good cupcake place. After that we were trying to find a place that sells tanning beds, but had no luck with that. I don't really remember what happend that night since it was a week ago. Lol

Don't they look amazing :)
 Chris and I weren't doing so good for a few days, so I decided to go visit him in Texas while they had some down time. With it only being a little over 3 hours away, it was completely worth it to see if we would be able to fix anything. I got there on Friday afternoon, and it was so good to see him! Even though I was only there for about a day, it was totally worth the drive. We are better now than ever and that is the only thing that matters to me. It was very hard saying bye to him, yet again, but the thing that I kept saying to myself was that the next time I see him will be at the airport in September :D

Dave and Lindsey have been working and going to school during the week, so I stay here and relax, watch tv, play with the puppies. Ya know, pretty much be lazy. And I love it! I think this weekend we might go venture out so I can see whats around here :)

Until than, I have nothing else to write about other than Jersey Shore is on tonight :D

"He's thinking about you. Every time you go to bed hugging your pillow wishing it was him, he's holding on to the perfume sprayed letter wishing it was you. As forgotten as you feel, remember that they miss you just as much, even if they don't always show it in the glorious and romantic ways we dream up."

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