Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Time is passing.. slowly

I haven't been blogging as much I wanted to. Mostly because I don't think anyone reads it, so I don't have very much motivation to write. That, and I have a very boring life!

We finally past the first month of this deployment! Only 5 more to go.. I am hoping that time will start to pick up once I get busy. After we get back from Florida we will be right around the halfway mark, which is very exciting!

I got a job at a local casino here in Oklahoma, but decided that I wasn't cut out to be a cocktail waitress. I didn't like the atmosphere. I did make about $30 from it haha.

We are planning a trip to Florida at the end of May for Jeff's wedding. I'm so excited to finally be with all my family at once. I just wish Chris could be there with us. I can't find a dress for the wedding and it's killing me! I have been looking everywhere! Hopefully I'll find something soon.

Well, I'm off to go buy some things for a package I am putting together for Chris! :)
He watches the sunrise as I watch the sunset. He says good morning as I say good night. He suits up for duty as I dress down for bed. All those things are so different, but one thing remains the same.. our love  
(My favorite quote I've read so far.. It's so true)

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